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  1. New to Colt Forum, M1917 revolver questions

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    I have an M1917 Army DA revolver I would like to know more about. It was my fathers and is pretty beat up. All the part numbers match (5424) and the Colt serial # is 250778. The Army # is 95883, and it has an S20 stamp on the upper frame, the Colt stamp is light and the grips are not original...
  2. Possible 1917 Fitz Special

    Colt Revolvers
    I have a nice 1917,originally military, that has been factory modified, with features like most Fitz specials (except for short barrel). Is there anyone out there specializing in these that might be able to comment, or someone who is collecting info. Features that make me think it is a Fitz are...
  3. Civilian Model 1917 one of about 1,000 made

    Want to Sell
    Colt Model 1917 serial number 336305 this has been rated as scarce. This is a Civilian / Commercial model built after Colt was no longer supplying the US Military. These were built without the lanyard loop and US Govt markings. Only about 1,000 produced, most with checkered grips, this one has...