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  1. Photos Area
    Over 10 years ago, I foolishly sold a 1968 Colt Junior 22 I got after my dad died, because I was afraid at the time to have a gun in the house with young grandskids I babysat. I still have the red and white box, on it is "No. 062002CC" The local gun shop, ran by a very stoic woman of few...
  2. Colt Revolvers
    Hi Folks -- Brand new to the forum and wanted to run one by you for your valued opinions. This one is the 4" Trooper "Target" model s/n: 777xx and was purchased new by my father in either 1968 or 69. Probably has less than 200 rounds through it. Any info you folks could share would be very...
1-2 of 4 Results