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  1. looking for a good gunsmith in the Chicago area for 1st generation colt revolver.

    Single Action Army
    looking for gunsmith in the Chicago are who can asemble a 1st generation colt revolver from parts. I have all the parts. Thanks in advance, Scott
  2. Need help Identifying and price of Colt SAA 1886 .45LC Nickeled

    Colt Revolvers
    New to the forum Thank you in advance for help and input. I recently acquired what I'm pretty sure is a Colt SAA .45LC mfg 1886 from the serial number. The grips have been replaced with cheap ones and I believe the gun has been re nickeled. The nickel is covering any identifying marks other than...
  3. OLD hard rubber SAA grips for Sale

    Want to Sell
    Since it's been pointed out that I don't know exactly how old these are…..Ive changed my ad: Here's a pretty decent set of non-eagle SAA grips (including screw) for sale. Asking $200 & that'll include shipping to the CONUS. Thanks, Weldon
  4. Colt Frontier Six Shooter 1889 Nickel

    Single Action Army
    I just acquired an 1889 Colt SAA "Colt Frontier Six Shooter" acid etched left side barrel. SN128XXX. All specs look correct Colt cert letter states: .44/40 4 3/4 barrel Nickel Simmons Hardware 8/7/1889 The Nickel plate has some oval machine marks/scratches... ? looks original finish all...
  5. Colt SAA 1st or 2nd Gen 45 Colt cylinders

    Want to Sell
    There was a special run of cylinders made by Uberti for EMF that were made to the exact specifications of a 1st/2nd Gen cylinder with the full bushing. These are blue and were made under exclusive contract for EMF. Sadly EMF is closing its door after the recent passing of Boyd Davis. I bought...