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  1. Colt SAA 1st or 2nd Gen 45 Colt cylinders

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    There was a special run of cylinders made by Uberti for EMF that were made to the exact specifications of a 1st/2nd Gen cylinder with the full bushing. These are blue and were made under exclusive contract for EMF. Sadly EMF is closing its door after the recent passing of Boyd Davis. I bought...
  2. WTB: 2nd Gen. Colts Patent '51 Navy powder flask and 36 cal mold

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    FOUND-- Thanks, Colter:cool:
  3. 2nd Gen Python Grips. Found some, Thanks

    Want to Buy
    WTB: 2nd generation Python grips. Like these: Prefer walnut target grips w/gold medallions, but will consider anything deemed correct for 1968. Fair to good condition. Reply here or PM. Cut to the chase and tell me what you're asking on first message.
  4. $1200 for SAA 2nd Generation .38 Special (1959) ?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi all, I'm more of a 1911 enthusiast (still learning), but am developing an interest in SAA's. My local shop has 2nd Gen. SAA with 7.5 inch barrel for sale in .38 Special. SN dates it to 1959. Everything looks original, including the black plastic prancing pony grips. It has some high point...
  5. wts: COLT 2nd Gen SAA in .45

    Want to Sell
    ITEM HAS SOLD......... THANKS FOR LOOKIN" This revolver is about as good as they get. In EXCELLENT condition. No chips, dings, dents. Blue is 100%. Excellent bore. Appears to have been fired . No box or papers. 5 1/2" barrel. 45 long colt...