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  1. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I was in a LGS and they had an unfired 2nd Generation 2nd Model Dragoon for sale for 795. I asked on a couple of FaceBook gun boards, and everyone seemed to think that way too high, but everything I could find on Gunbroker or other auction sites suggests it's in the market - maybe not a steal...
  2. Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Newbie here so please be gentle - trying to help relative with estate settlement which includes a lot of firearms, mostly conventional - but have found this one and want to make sure I'm correct on ID before posting for sale, etc - its' new/unfired, in a wood felt/cloth-lined box with powder...
  3. Single Action Army
    Hello SAA Collectors, Colt's had the finer thread pitch of 24 threads/inch on 1st Gen SAA's and on some or all 2nd Gen SAA's, but does anyone know when Colt's changed to the courser thread pitch of 20 threads/inch? Was it at start of 3rd Gen production (i.e. S/N 82000SA)< or was it earlier in...
1-3 of 5 Results