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  1. Colt 2nd Gen Single Action Army Lawman Series Bat Masterson Model Mfg 1967 - 45 colt

    Want to Sell
    This 2nd Generation Colt Single Action Army was made in 1967 and is still new in the Presentation case and unfired. The craftsmanship on the limited edition pistols is beautiful. Of the Lawman Series of Colt SAA revolvers, the Bat Masterson Model seems to be the most desirable. It has no gaudy...
  2. 2nd Generation Dragoon Prices?

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I was in a LGS and they had an unfired 2nd Generation 2nd Model Dragoon for sale for 795. I asked on a couple of FaceBook gun boards, and everyone seemed to think that way too high, but everything I could find on Gunbroker or other auction sites suggests it's in the market - maybe not a steal...
  3. Colt 1860 Army - SN 211203

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    Newbie here so please be gentle - trying to help relative with estate settlement which includes a lot of firearms, mostly conventional - but have found this one and want to make sure I'm correct on ID before posting for sale, etc - its' new/unfired, in a wood felt/cloth-lined box with powder...
  4. When did Colt change barrel thread pitch for the SAA?

    Single Action Army
    Hello SAA Collectors, Colt's had the finer thread pitch of 24 threads/inch on 1st Gen SAA's and on some or all 2nd Gen SAA's, but does anyone know when Colt's changed to the courser thread pitch of 20 threads/inch? Was it at start of 3rd Gen production (i.e. S/N 82000SA)< or was it earlier in...