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  1. Hi Everyone! New Colt Owner in California with a 1908 PPS

    New Members Introduction
    Yes...I'm in California! I love a challenge :bang_wall: My first gun was a 1962 S&W Model 39 9mm semi-auto. It was a sweet gun in near mint condition, but I knew my soul needed something older. I recently purchased a first-year 1908 Colt Police Positive Special 38. I should have my hands on...
  2. Offficial Police Michigan State Prison

    Photos Area
    I just purchased a Colt Official Police .38 the butt is stamped "Michigan State Prison" and on the end of the butt is is stamped No. 16 I haven't see the grips on my gun on any other "official Police" model. mine are the prancing horse black checkered plastic grips. Anyone out there know if...
  3. Police Positive Special .38 Special

    Colt Revolvers
    So, I just purchased this revolver from a local gun shop. I thought it would be a nice project gun. Unfortunately I only have the one picture. I live in Maryland so, I have to wait 7 days before I can take possession. The serial number is 697392. From the research I've done, this gun was...
  4. Need info on old police positive!!

    Colt Revolvers
    My grandfather recently passed away and left behind a beat up old police positive .38 special. I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little more about it and what it might be worth(it's pretty beat up so probably not much) thanks in advance!! My phone not letting me upload the pics right now...
  5. Diamondback value?

    Colt Revolvers
    Diamondback 2 1/2in .38 nickel 1968 serial number very good condition no box or paper work. I bought it five years ago from a old man in my home town his father bought it new for his mom she said it was to big so stayed in her dresser with her socks till she died in 1990, when he got it in his...
  6. The Three Amigos

    Picked up three awesome New or Like New in box Pythons today. One of them is an 8 inch nickel .38 special. ADDICTION!!
  7. Vintage Colt Revolver

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello, I need some information about a old gun of mine. It is a .38 Special Colt Revolver, 6 inches barrel, hammer-mounted firing pin, adjustable rear sight, hollow underlug, ventilated rib. It looks like a Python, but definitely is not, because of its characteristics. Its serial number is...
  8. .38 Special - Federal RN-FMJ @ 130g

    Want to Buy
    Looking for 800-1,000 rounds (target use only) @ approximately 20-25 cents per round. Stuff pops up @ CALGUNS but usually late @ night when i am away from my PC, gone within a couple of hours. Will GLADLY pay for insured secure UPS or FedEx shipping, thoung geographically close-by shipper...
  9. WTB Colt Army Special 6" Barrel

    Want to Buy
    If anyone has a 6" Colt Army Special barrel for sale with that half moon front sight let me know... Im willing to go longer in length if I can.
  10. What should I do with this Colt Army Special?

    Colt Revolvers
    Please don't lecture me on this or whatever I know Ive almost died or could have been seriously wounded from this. This only happened a few days ago. I thank god I walked away with not even a scratch. This gun no longer has its original barrel. My father and a friend of mine say just to keep it...
  11. 1975 Colt Detective Special 2" 6-Shot Revolver Pachmayr Grips Bluing Works Great!!!

    Want to Sell
    1975 Colt Detective Special 2" 6-Shot Revolver Pachmayr Grips Bluing Works Great!!! Up for sale is a great carry COLT Detective Special in .38 special +p 6-Shot Revolver with a 2" barrel blued. This baby is really nice. The bluing all over the gun is in excellent shape except for right by the...
  12. Colt Commando revolver

    Colt Revolvers
    I have a Colt Commando revolver here. The Commando, Official Police, and Army Special are all variants of the same revolver. The Army Special was produced until 1927 when Colt gave up on getting a military contract and so they renamed it the Official Police. The Official Police was one of the...
  13. WTB Colt hammer shroud

    Want to Buy
    WTB Nickle Colt Hammer shroud for my carry piece which is a Detective Special. Thanks.