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  1. Unmarked Colt Police Positive ?

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    Hey Guys, Just got what I think is a Colt Police Positive in .38 S&W, apparently made in 1905. (serial number range is correct for that year off the Colt page). Looks like a Colt, well made, tight, matching patina all around. However... no Colt/Patent/ caliber markings ANYWHERE. Grips are hard...
  2. My Colt Police Positive.

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    Hi from Argentina. This is my first Colt, a Police Positive .38 S & W from 1907. I bought it in 1981 and has a few shots because ammunition is hard to come by in Argentina. It is in perfect condition (although the box is a bit deteriorated, as you can see). (Sorry for those who saw the same...
  3. Colt Police Positive .38 S&W - What ammo?

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    Hello all, first time posting! I recently inherited Colt Police Positive .38 (SN #335***) from my grandpa. From what I can tell, it's the .38 S&W (Colt New Police?). Anyways, what ammo is safe to shoot? Safe meaning that it correctly fits the specs of the gun, doesn't run too hot, and won't...
  4. .38 s&w

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    Hi guys! Maybe you can help... I am doing some research and just wanted to confirm that shooting .38 S&W (not .38 Special) would be safe from my Colt .38 Police Positive. It is chambered in .38 New Police, but I was told it would be safe to shoot .38 Short Colt, by my dealer back home in...