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  1. Want to see an example of ratchet peening.

    Colt Revolvers
    Hey, Anyone have a picture of what ratchet peening looks like on an aluminum frame Cobra or Agent? Thanks.
  2. Newbie

    New Members Introduction
    I'm new to this forum and am a Colt owner just getting into (want to) Colt wheel guns. I own a couple of 1911's and a Colt AR. On my wish list is a shrouded Colt Cobra or Agent in .38S. I'm checking out Gunbroker but do have concerns purchasing there (gotta fondle it). :) I shot wheel guns as a...
  3. My Growing Collection of Colts, Need Some Help!!

    Colt Revolvers
    I have been very fortunate (at least in my opinion) lately, as I have encountered several beautiful examples of Colt revolvers that have all been in my price range! I know many members prefer new in box, etc but my goal with the pieces of my Colt collection is to have excellent examples that you...
  4. Type and value of smooth black Agent -w- Colt rubber grips. Maybe for sale?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello all, so if I understand correctly from other posts, the gun I have is a 1981-82 "pre 1983 strike" Agent, with the "smooth finish matte black" (not parkerized) finish, with factory rubber grips -w- the BLACK Colt raging pony. (Photos shown have Houge grips installed, Colts were removed to...
  5. WTB Colt Agent late model smooth walnut grips

    Want to Buy
    I have a later model parkerized Colt Agent that needs a set of smooth walnut grips with the gold medallion that must be in excellent condition.Please PM me with info/pics.Thank You!
  6. Can you Cerakote over a parkerized Agent?

    Hello all, 1st post and happy to be here :) - I'm cross posting in the Gunsmithing and Revolver forums, hope that is ok.. I just found a used Colt Agent in the W serial# range (1986ish I think?) with the rough parkerized "combat" finish. The muzzel almost looks like cast iron it's so rough. It...
  7. Old Colt ads for D frames with mirror image detectives

    Colt Revolvers
    Do you recall (or, better yet, have a .jpg of) an ad that Colt ran for a long time in police journals in the late fifties and early sixties? I now realize that the campaign was in response to the inroads on snubby sales to S&W's Chief's Special as it emphasized the "advantage" of six rounds...
  8. WTB Colt hammer shroud

    Want to Buy
    WTB Nickle Colt Hammer shroud for my carry piece which is a Detective Special. Thanks.
  9. Finest Quality Gunsmith

    Hi:D Looking for the finest quality revolversmith who would do great work on a pair of Colt Agents. Just need a light, smooth "double-action" trigger pull at eight pounds and chamfering of the chamber mouths to allow HKS speedloaders to load 148 gr. LWC's.:) Thanks for your opinions. Ric
  10. Interesting Trigger Problem

    I have 3 Colt revolvers. An Agent, a Cobra and a Lawman MkIII. The Agent and Cobra have an interesting condition After pulling the trigger, if I VERY slowly release the trigger, just before it is back in position, I can feel 2 clicks one after the other If I stop at the first click, the gun...