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  1. Value of 8 inch Ananconda in CA Time Sensitive

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello all I am new to the forum. I have the opportunity to purchase an 8 inch anaconda manufactured in 1991. The gun is in excellent condition and comes with all original paperwork and matching cardboard sleeve. I am located in wonderful California and don't have access to Gunbroker auctions...
  2. New to me Colt Anaconda .44 Mag, 6" MM3060

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello, been on the forum a while, first post..I finally got me an Anaconda. I'm new to collecting Colt revolvers, and I hope to add to my gun collection as well as learn.. This is serial #mm332XX..According to the Colt website it was made in 1992. From what I have read, I don't believe that this...
  3. Photo Gallery of our Handgun Restorations

    Custom Shop Inc.
    Here is a link to the Completed Handguns Gallery on our website where we showcase many of the different revolver and pistol models and finishes we have restored here at Custom Shop, Inc. Completed Handguns Gallery - Custom Shop Also, here is a link to our Before & After Gallery where you...
  4. Anaconda Variants

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    I like the Anacondas a bit and have been working to put together a full list of all different factory versions. Here are the ones I know about, are there others? Standard .44 in 4", 5", 6" and 8" all except 5" with a DT variant Standard .45 in 4", 6" and 8" Colt Custom Shop (marked CCS4) - 4"...
  5. 4" Blued King Cobra

    Want to Sell
    4" Blued King Cobra LNIB. This gun is great, only detraction is a slight turn ring on cylinder. I could not find any other imperfections. Selling for original owner. It is in an authentic colt king cobra box, but was switched up with a 4" STS gun at some point, as the owner had 4 of these. So...
  6. delete

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  7. Want to Trade Colt Pythons,1911,For Rolex,Patek,Ect Watches

    Want to Sell
    I posted this on the buy Forum also but I am looking to trade Colt Pythons,1911's,Ect for Rolex,Patek or other High End Watches.I love Gold but I'm Intrested in Anything.If you have something of interest please Text me at (901)-301-0226 or feel free to call on that number also.Thanks
  8. Anaconda wear question

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    If there is a second, very slight ring towards the front of the cylinder- does that indicate mechanical wear or mis-function? maybe an alignment issue of sorts? the second wear ring is about 3/4" from the front of the cylinder. anyone seen this before?
  9. My Two Stainless Colts Value?

    Hi guys im new to the colt forum but longtime lurker! I have a 6" brushed stainless Python and a 6" polished bright stainless anaconda. I want to sell both. I put them up on armslist for $2850 and $2150 respectively. Neither have boxes but both have original grips. Both are cosmetically great...
  10. WTS Colt revolver scope mount, original Colt, Colt Logo, Python, Anaconda Diamondback

    Want to Sell
    FOR Sale: Original Colt scope mount. Marked with Colt Logo. $50.00 including shipping. Any questions contact Mike @ 219-926-9793 or [email protected]
  11. Question about 4" Anaconda Bead Blasted

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello, Did they make a 4" bead blasted anaconda? I am considering purchasing one but dont wanna get duped. Thanks for the info.
  12. A couple of snakes for sale

    Want to Sell
    I am located in North East Georgia. I would prefer not to ship any of these guns. I know that will limit my sell range, but I do not like to ship pricy guns. I have: 1) A 6" anaconda magna ported gun. This gun is stainless steel and not the bright stainless. It comes with a box and...
  13. Anaconda trigger problem? Yea or Nay?

    Colt Revolvers
    OK, I did a search but wasn't able to find any info on this. My only prior experience with Colt revolvers is a couple of Pythons and a New Frontier .45. I know the Anaconda is more akin to a King Cobra than a Python, and that it isn't hand made, and that it uses coil springs instead of leaf...
  14. 4in Anaconda vs 6in King Cobra- for fun and investment

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    Just wondering what the general consensus was between a 4in anaconda and 6in king cobra. I generally buy (higher) grade shooters so I can still enjoy them time to time. I also like to have the guns increase in value faster than inflation :) Although, I would likely never sell... unless i needed...
  15. question - anaconda oddity about muzzle

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    Hello, new to the forum and already out with a question. i was at the gun store and there happened to be a 6" anaconda for sale. it claimed to be "like new" and "unfired". it was close to closing time so i only gave it a quick overview but it did seem to be very very clean - for a used gun, no...
  16. WTT 6" Colt Ananconda for a nice WWII era Garand

    Want to Sell
    Looking to possibly trade this beautiful 6" Colt Anaconda for a nice WWII period M1 garand only (Not looking to sell this). I am looking for an M1 that is a good shooter with good ME & TE readings. The Ananconda is in very good condition, and does not appear to have been shot much at all. Will...
  17. *sold*

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  18. Colt anaconda

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    I have a question concerning the Colt Anaconda revolvers. Here in Europe I have a chance to buy an Anaconda for 250dollar. I inspected the gun and everything looks fine but the trigger was a bit loose. Apart from that minor problem the revolver was in a very good state. Also the piece of metal...
  19. Wtb: Colt anaconda 44 mag

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a Colt Anaconda 44 Magnum Prefer 4" barrel but will consider larger. Prefer it come w/ box & papers. Please email me directly ([email protected]) pics, location, condition details, and asking price if you have one to sell. Thanks for your time. Eric
  20. WTB Replacement Colt Blue box for my Colt Anaconda! Dog destroyed it!

    Want to Buy
    Would like to buy a Colt 6 to 8 inch replacement box for my Colt Anaconda. Dog got to it. please contact Gary 480-369-4736 Thanks for helping- Gary.