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  1. Colt Long Guns
    Being a handgun fanatic, I don't have much in the way of rifles. I grew up with a 22 slung over my shoulder and do have one 22 cal rifle, but that was it till today. I saw the new entry level Colt M4 at the GunsAmerica website. (I get an email from them every day with new guns listed just for...
  2. Colt Long Guns
    Even though I have been an "AR guy" a long time I am not well versed in the 9mm variant. This is an available trade and I took a few cell pics to try to establish value. A number of inaccuracies have popped up: Serial number is #NL0030xx This does not appear on Colt's Serial number lookup page...
  3. Colt Long Guns
    Folks, I've looked at and searched here, but I still have a question regarding my SP-1 AR15. The serial number on the gun is SP 1 839xx, which seems to have an extra digit. If I discount the "1" the Proof House list shows a born on date of 1978 or newer. My question is about...
1-3 of 5 Results