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  1. WTB Brit Proofed Barrel, FINDER’S FEE!!

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a Birmingham Proofed COLT 1911A1 Barrel. Needs to have the BV/BP/NP markings with crows. (My Colt is a 1944 year with a 1952 release date) I’m willing to pay good money for this barrel. Or if you have the barrel, I’ll trade you two of my WWII era barrels PLUS cash to make it worth...
  2. Hello from Ohio, Proud Owner of Trooper MKIII, & I HAVE LOTS OF COLT GUN PARTS

    New Members Introduction
    I'm Steve, and I'm new to this forum. I am a proud owner of a blued 4" Trooper MKIII that my dad left for me before he passed years ago. I have owned several other Colts in the past, and love them. I love learning about Colt guns, but wouldn't consider myself an enthusiast necessarily, but a...
  3. 1900 Colt Frontier Six Shooter 5-1/2" Barrel Restore or Replace ?

    Single Action Army
    The barrel on a recently acquired Early Smokeless Six Shooter has 2 issues: 1st - the original sight needs to be restored but the bore is questionable. It's described as dark with worn rifling, erosion and mild pitting. There is maybe 15% original finish on the barrel and all lettering is...
  4. Colt SAA Parts - 5 1/2" Nickle Barrel, 1st 45 cylinder

    Want to Sell
    The barrel is a 38 special second gen nickel 5 1/2" takeoff great as new condition - $65 shipped to lower 48 The cylinder is for a 1st - I see no marks other than 45, it has a removeable bushing but it is stuck right now. This could be Colt or Christy - I do not know but only $65 shipped to...
  5. 4" Colt Lawman 357 w/ 2" Barrel Replacement = 2" Snubby w/ Square Butt not Round?

    Colt Revolvers
    4" Colt Lawman 357 w/ 2" Barrel Replacement = 2" Snubby w/ Square Butt not Round? back story: I recently bought a blued lawman snubby (pictured) and was disappointed to find the target stocks I had bought separately didn't quite fit due to the 2" lawman having a rounded butt. I'm buying another...
  6. Help identifying the year of this 1911 barrel and slide

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    My father just passed away and I inherited his guns and my grandfathers. The only lose part in this collection is the below Colt 1911 barrel and slide. I am trying to nail down the year and also wondering if it is worth restoring with just these two parts. On the top of the barrel is "45...
  7. Mustang XSP barrel removal

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I just bought a new Mustang XSP 380. My father loves his, so I thought I'd give it a try. However, try as I can, I've been unable to remove the barrel from the slide for the firearms pre-range cleaning and lubing. I've try all sorts of angles and jiggling, but to no avail. Does anyone have a...
  8. Want to sell Colt grips 1911 & Python, Military 1911 barrel

    Want to Sell
    Want to sell brand new (out of package for pictures only) Jay Scott laminated white pearl grips These fit the Officers Model only. Paid $54.95. Selling for $35.00 shipped. Check or money order please. I do not have Paypal. Please respond here if you want it. PM works best to contact with any...
  9. When did Colt change barrel thread pitch for the SAA?

    Single Action Army
    Hello SAA Collectors, Colt's had the finer thread pitch of 24 threads/inch on 1st Gen SAA's and on some or all 2nd Gen SAA's, but does anyone know when Colt's changed to the courser thread pitch of 20 threads/inch? Was it at start of 3rd Gen production (i.e. S/N 82000SA)< or was it earlier in...
  10. WTB/Searching for Diamondback .22lr Blued 2 1/2 inch bbl only

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello. I am in search of one or two loose 2 1/2 bbls for a pair of Diamondbacks I have. Need/s to be in very good to excellent shape. Prefer NOS. Find plenty of 4 and 6 inchers but have yet to come across any loose 2 1/2. Any help running some down would be great.
  11. WTB Colt Army Special 6" Barrel

    Want to Buy
    If anyone has a 6" Colt Army Special barrel for sale with that half moon front sight let me know... Im willing to go longer in length if I can.
  12. WTB: 1916 Colt Government Model "N P" Commercial Barrel & Link

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a barrel to correct a circa C50000 Government Model. The correct barrel will be marked with an N and P in front of the barrel lug and the chamber area when viewed through the ejection port are milled "in the white". The barrels were used from about serial number C3000 to C101000...
  13. Request photo of the top barrel markings for a 1913 circa Colt New Service

    Colt Revolvers
    The subject line says all. I appreciate any help on this. Thanks! NS41.
  14. Chopped 2" Police Positive

    Colt Revolvers
    I mentioned way back in February that I scored a 1924 Police Positive (Not Police Positive Special) with a 2" .38 special barrel that was obviously cut down, with 500 rounds of nice Remington ammo for $200 total. The ammo was priced at $18 a box, so I feel like I paid $20 for a shooter grade...
  15. !!WARNING TO COLT OWNERS!! Colt does NOT honor their warrenty!!

    Colt Revolvers
    I was wondering if anyone else has experiecnced this issue... i have been a long time colt owner. Recently, i noticed 2 cracks in the barrel, one at 12 and the other at 3, of my Colt 357 King Cobra Enhanced, w/ a 6" stainless barrel. I called COLT and they refused to honor their "lifetime...
  16. A 4" New Frontier .22 Barrel Blued

    Want to Buy
    I really need a blued 4.4" New Frontier .22 barrel, with the ramp style front sight for a G series frame. My original barrel has a ring. I think dad picked it up before he passed away and did not notice it, and when I was cleaning it the other day, I felt the wide space about halfway down the...
  17. WTD: Barrel for 32 Police Positive 1st Generation

    Want to Sell
    Hello, I am seeking a blue barrel for a 32 caliber Colt Police Positive CTG that is the first generation (last patent date of 1905) and will pay $150 for one in very good condition. Please email me at: [email protected] Thanks! Bill