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  1. Letter and numbers on back of 1851 Navy cylinder

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    Hello, New here . I was in hopes someone would be able to tell me what the x278 inside my 1851 colt navy would stand for . There are 6 regular serial numbers and these i found inside . Thanks much
  2. Interesting S/N 3rd Generation Colt blackpowder pistol (Signature Series)

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I bought a few of these when they came out about 20 yrs ago. Supposedly the S/N ranges were supposed to pick up where the 2nd Gen left off. Was looking at the S/N on my 1851 Navy, and it matched up with a 1st Gen made in 1853. Interesting coincidence! I've seen the flaking/pitting of the plating...
  3. Heritage Edition Walker 2nd Gen - Question concerning presentation case

    Colt Percussion Revolvers
    I have a question concerning my 2nd Gen, Colt Walker Heritage Edition. Mine is C Company No. 582. Did all of the Heritage Edition Walkers come with the book and wood presentation case or were those optional? When I bought mine a while back from Cabellas it was never fired and in the original...
  4. WTS: Dragoon; second generation; first model

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    I bought this NIB and all I've ever done is wipe the packing grease off it. The black box is in great condition, and the gun's cylinder has never been turned. $700 and that includes shipping!
  5. Re-Caliber 1895 Colt SAA Blackpowder

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    I just bought an 1895 Colt SAA Blackpowder that has been re-calibered to .38 special. I want to convert it back to .45LC. Can I install a modern barrel and cylinder and safely shoot smokeless cartridges? Next question.... Where can I find modern barrels and cylinders?? Elliot
  6. WTS: Colt 1847 Walker--Second Generation. $900

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    THIS PIECE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, BUT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DELETE MY AD. Colt made only 1,100 of this model in 1847, but it was enough to get Sam Colt out of bankruptcy, even though it wasn't an unqualified success. The loading lever tended to flop down, and because 19th century...
  7. WTB--1851 Colt Navy

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    I'm in the market for an 1851 Colt Navy .36 in NRA Fine++ to Excellent condition. Prefer 4th model (because of greater availability) but will consider any model. Price range approximately $5,000 to $7,000 depending on condition and model.
  8. WTS: Second Generation Colt 1860 Army .44--Stainless Steel

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    Scarce stainless steel model 2nd-generation Colt 1860 Army .44 (Model F1210). NIB condition--never fired, never turned. Box looks like new. All paperwork still sealed in original plastic packaging. Price: $1,050
  9. WTB--2nd Generation Colt 1860 Army

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    Prefer engraved cylinder to fluted cylinder. NIB not necessary, but piece must be unfired and have no scratches or wear. Original packaging unnecessary. Presentation case unnecessary (already have enough powder flasks, molds, and nipple wrenches and my own display case).