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  1. Need HELP identifying my colt revolver that I inherited

    Photos Area
    Good evening fellow Colt members!! I need help identifying my Blackpowder Colt Revolver that I was left after one of the most important people in my life past away. A little about the gun its in its original box that says Blackpowder on it. all the serial numbers match at 087. on the top of...
  2. 1860 Army 2nd generation question

    Colt Revolvers
    Anybody know if serial number 2103XX would be a second generation, F1200 blackpowder series? Also, it has the W.L. Ormsby engraver stamp on the cylinder. Would 2nd gen have this? Thanks, Colter
  3. Blackpowder Pocket Navy

    Colt Revolvers
    Can anyone shed some light on the provenance of a Model 1862 Pocket Navy that appears original from condition of blueing and minor pitting, with some traces of silver on backstrap and trigger guard, but seems to have too many serial numbers to be either a reissue Blackpowder series or an...