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  1. Colt-Smithing
    I am trying to get my Chemicals together for Hot bluing solution. Why am I having such a hard time finding sodium hydroxide (It's just Lye) locally at any hardware store? I remember my Grandmother making laundry soap with it. Also, My grandfather used it to cure his black olives, but it was the...
  2. Colt Revolvers
    I'm new to this forum, but it seems the most appropriate place to ask a few questions about my new purchase of a 1956 Detective Special (see photos). I picked this up from one of those gun auction sites for a deal (so I think). I believe it was $350. I've shot about 50 rounds through it and...
  3. Colt Revolvers
    Hi! Today, my 10 day waiting period was finally over and I picked up my Colt Trooper .357 Magnum. It is a 1966. It was suppose to be never been shot. I purchased a cleaning set and started to lubricate it. The barrel was super clean, but the cylinder was actually pretty dirty. I put some...
1-3 of 7 Results