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blued frame

  1. Inspector stamp on this Python?

    Getting this 6 inch blued Python from its original owner. Is this "N" an inspector stamp? He bought it in 79 which matches the serial number. Don't believe that this was ever refinished.Just puzzled by the letter. Is this where they stamped the nickel guns? Did the pachmayers not come up as high...
  2. Are there ways to tell if a Python has been re-blued?

    New to Pythons (and handguns in general) but looking to buy one as my first revolver. I'm interested in getting a stainless steel one or a blued one (I like them both and they both seem to have their advantages). Anyway, when there are listings online for "like new" or "NIB" or "barely been...
  3. WTS: Colt Python; 1965 mfr; blue; 2-1/2"; with box.

    Want to Sell
    WTS: Colt Python, manufactured in 1965; 2-1/2" snubby with much more than 97.5% of the original high-lustre blue finish for which Colt was so famous. There are a few handling and storage marks and light scratches in the finish (shown in pix) which prohibit me from describing this as a 100% gun ~...
  4. Colt 1849 pocket model

    Colt Revolvers
    I have a colt 1849 serial in the low 200000 range. The pistol is in overall good shape with a name engraved on the backstrap. The frame of the pistol is Blued instead of case hardened. It appears to be the original blueing but I have never seen one that was not case hardened. Does anyone...