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  1. Browning Patent Applications and Drawings

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I don't know what kind of interest there is in the Colt Forum community surrounding old historic documents. Personally I find these documents fascinating. I thought I would share a few with the members here. John Browning’s first pistol patent was filed on 14 September 1895 and was...
  2. T series browning hi power

    Want to Sell
    Hey collectors. I have a safe queen that I would be interested in selling to finance another project. No trades please. Its a 1967 Browning T Series Hi Power. I have the red felt brass zipper pouch as well as original paperwork. I am asked $1775 in cash for this beauty. The newer Hi...
  3. Lots of hard to find gun owners manuals. Colt, S&W,Winchester, Ruger etc.Plus books!

    Want to Sell
    Lots of hard to find gun owners manuals. Colt, S&W,Winchester, Ruger etc.Plus books! I have for sale many different original firearms instruction manuals that would have been sold with a gun when it was new. Most or in Good to VG shape. The price is as follows: $7 each shipped, or 2 for $12, or...
  4. Browning High Power 9mm (Belgium) ~ ME SOLD

    Want to Sell
    It's not a Colt but it is a classic. I have a very nice Browning High Power, 9mm with factory adjustable sights (95%+). I believe the date of manufacture was 1988. Belgium made, adjustable sight. Really looking for cash but I guess would consider trades from a motivated buyer. $695 shipped and...
  5. Ho-Hum... another gun show- BUT WAIT a Browning 1911-22 Compact? What say you?

    The Lounge
    So I went to another gun show- nothing but the usual! Over priced new guns, tons of Ravens and Hi-Points, and a few handfuls of over priced semi-collectible Colt's. We left the gun show, ate way to much fried rat or something at the China Buffet, then decided to stop at a nearby Bass Pro...