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    Friends, 10 years ago I bought a New Frontier Buntline .45 in its original box. This is the Archive Letter Are there any others left of this rare breed??? It is not the most beautiful revolver I admit. Peter
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    Hi, just got a unshot Colt Buntline Scout .22 L.R. with K suffix, 9.5" barrel, DOM 1965. The part was bought from the previous owner (a german seaman) in 1968 from a company named O'Neals Buy And Sell, 1400 27th Ave. Gulfport, Miss 39501 in a wooden case (still missing) for $79.50. Unshot, and...
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    I have this pistol it has white grips. I'm trying to find out the value. I can't find one online can anyone help?
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    Lee Van Cleef's buntline shoulder stock, from the movie "For a few dollars more" Lately, I've been spending hours on searching the Lee Van Cleef's Buntline shoulder stock from the movie "For A Few Dollars More". I found this shoulder stock, but it's not as beautiful as the one that was used...