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    For those of you who are CCA members, you may be interested in some newly posted content on Colt Collectors – The Premier Gun Collecting Website in the World -- at the last annual convention in Frisco Texas, CCA Life Member Kurt House, gave a great presentation on Colt Engraving from 1873 - 1940...
  2. Wts cca limited edition book-seven serpents

    Want to Sell
    For sale, perfect mint condition CCA signed copy of Seven Serpents The History Of Colt's Snake Guns by Gurney Brown. Selling for $160 shipped. A copy recently sold on ebay for $249.00 Check or money order only please. I do not have paypal. Thanks.
  3. Anyone Attending the Colt Collectors Association Annual Show this weekend?

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    If so, we'll see you there. Drop by and say "Hi" if you get a second.