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  1. Colt Revolvers
    Hello all! I'm sure that many of us have read Colt's and various magazines' lists of design improvements built into the 2020 Colt Python. This post is about design improvements that have NOT been noted. Colt's current double-action revolver "stable" or "den", (depending on an equestrian view...
  2. Colt Revolvers
    Please message me if you have one I can purchase. I can pay via Zelle , Cash App or Apple Cash. Thanks in advance!
  3. Colt Revolvers
    Looking for the newer run of the Cobra Special Edition with the black matte finish and Detective Special-style grips in Oregon. Shipping is fine if necessary. Happy to meet anywhere in the metro area at your FFL of choice.
  4. Colt-Smithing
    Hello, new to the forum and looking for some help here. I'll try to include all the information I can think of. I took my king cobra to the range on Tuesday, March 3rd for the first time in a few years. I had cleaned it and put it away, but pulled it out every now and again to admire it. I've...
  5. Colt Revolvers
    I have never had any revolvers with such tight barrel to cylinder gaps before. The Cobra measures .002" and the King Cobra measures .0015". Are all of them this way, or did I just get lucky? Actually I am concerned that .0015" might be too tight and will bind up with fouling.
  6. New Members Introduction
    Hi, I inherited my fathers Colt Police Positive, it had been stored away for over 30 years and recently I decided to clean it up, get some ammo and head to a firing range. Fires great, bit my hand the first time. Using it is a challenge to me, I have a small hand. But I fell in love with the...
  7. Colt Revolvers
    I have a Cobra which I haven't been able to find any info on. I'd like to learn what I can about it. The facts are... Caliber: 38 special, Serial Number 256##, Printed below the serial number is FN and below that LW, Colt silver medallion on handles. The revolver has very minor blemishes (on...
  8. Colt Revolvers
    I went to the gun-shop near my University with no cash and no real thought of buying anything. After talking a bit with the guy about some Colt Police Positive Specials he had (he had one he wont sell, a nice nickel plated .32) I asked to see if he had one in better condition and he said no. I...
  9. Colt Revolvers
    Any ideas? I may pick one up and don't want to overpay. Thanks for your help members!!
  10. Colt Revolvers
    Hey, Anyone have a picture of what ratchet peening looks like on an aluminum frame Cobra or Agent? Thanks.
  11. New Members Introduction
    I'm new to this forum and am a Colt owner just getting into (want to) Colt wheel guns. I own a couple of 1911's and a Colt AR. On my wish list is a shrouded Colt Cobra or Agent in .38S. I'm checking out Gunbroker but do have concerns purchasing there (gotta fondle it). :) I shot wheel guns as a...
  12. Colt Revolvers
    About two years ago I read a magazine article about the gun (Colt Cobra) that Jack Ruby used to shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. It might have been "Guns & Ammo," but I'm not sure. Does anyone know the article whereof I speak? Any help would be profoundly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  13. Colt Revolvers
    I recently purchased what was supposed to be a Colt Viper. The serial number is 98649m and this is what the Colt Website says about it..."1977 Cobra Model/AirCrewMan/Courier/Agent & Viper "LW""Suffix is Found Below Serial Stamp"...This doesn't tell me a lot unfortunately. The year appears to...
  14. New Members Introduction
    I joined this forum today because I've recently decided to purchase a Colt Cobra in 38 Special and not having been a wheel guy I can use all the friendly advice available. Before I retired my carry was an H&K P7, a slim IWB tack driver by most folks standards but today that gun is too large for...
  15. Leather and Accessories
    What would you Cobra experts recommend as a good quality leather OWB holster for your Colt Cobra?
  16. Colt Revolvers
    Dear Forum, I am new to the forum; frankly the subject of this post precipitated my joining (and I am certainly glad I did, of course). Issue(s)/Inquir(ies) relevant my recent purchase of a new to me/used Colt Cobra .38 special (blued, serial # 73951R) 1) my serial number is 73951R - I have...
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    Colt Revolvers
1-17 of 28 Results