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  1. Spanish Ruby Pistols (and various license made rubys)

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Ran across a Ruby at a gun show this am. My question is how does the value of these compare to the original 1903s? This one is marked Azanza y Arrizabalaga Modelo 1916 on the slide. With 2 magazines and a black leather holster, I paid less than half what I paid for my 1903. Is this typical...
  2. US Armament 1903 question

    The Lounge
    Thanks to being inspired here by ei8ht, I ordered a US Armament 1903 Hammerless. I am picking it up next week when I am eligible to purchase a handgun again. NJ...don’t even get me started. I have a question for either ei8ht, or Brent about the production numbers for these guns being made. I...
  3. Colt 1903 pocket mfg 1916

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Latest find! 100% original w original box,paperwork,and (2) 2-tone magazines! The visible (spots) is Hoppes oil. I feel srrongly that this has only been fired at the factory!Waiting for colt letter! ENJOY!
  4. WTS: Colt 1903 MOP Grips w/Brass Medallions & Backings

    Want to Sell
    Here is a set of grips that I picked up that I would like to sell. Looking for $325/OBO. They do have their backings and have the Brass Medallions. They are in great shape, but the right panel has a chip in the upper left corner that someone tried to fix with epoxy or some type of glue. (See...
  5. Colt Pocket Hammerless 1903 DOB 1938 what have I got here?

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Anyone know the marking on this or what it means? Looks like it was a service pistol at one time in history for some Asian nation.
  6. General Officer Pistol Recipient

    The Lounge
    I am searching for documentation regarding a Colt 1903 that was issued as part of the Genereal Officer Pistol Program. How does one go about locating the original recipient?