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  1. Shopping for a .380 Yet left the store with another .45ACP -This is a recurring theme

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hi Fellas, Took a ride around town today visiting our local gun shop's, had a bug to pick up a .380 cal hopefully in a Beretta Mod84 w/ Double Stack magazines. Found some Model 85's in .380 w/ 7 Round magazines. Also held up a Sig 232 but again 7 round mags. Im thinking with .380 cal you...
  2. SOLD Colt 45 1911 MK IV series 80 O9840 Lightweight Officer's LWO ACP OACP 3.5"

    Want to Sell
    SOLD. Hard to find. $895 with free shipping.Great CCW or addition to your collection. Will ship from my FFL to your FFL. US money order preferred. Discreet PP okay. Serial #:LFA2668 May 1985 Manufacturer:Colt Model:O9840 Lightweight Officer's ACP LWO OACP Type:Pistol Gauge:.45 ACP Barrel...