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  1. Colt 22 Value AKA "Cadet"

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Ok, I've got a Colt 22 that I bought back in January 1996 and never shot. It's never been out of the house. Yes, it's NIB.... I've got the paper work, blue hard case and the cardboard case cover. I want to sell, but don't really know what it's worth. So I turn to the "Colt Family" to give me...
  2. COLT 22 "Cadet" NIB

    Want to Sell
    Going to sell my Colt 22 that is NIB....When these guns were first produced, they were called "Cadet". That name was dropped early and they were stamped "Colt 22". No, it's never been shot, never been out of the house since bought new. It comes with all the factory papers, 2 mags, blue hard case...
  3. COLT 22 "Cadet"

    Internet Deals
    Armslist in PA has a NIB never fired Colt 22. Knowing what Colts sell for this is priced fair.
  4. Colt 22 Rear Sight

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Was my grandfathers gun, he took the right sights off all his pistols. Been trying to locate a replacement for the 4.5" barrel rear sight. Tried with no luck. Any Ideas?