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  1. 6" Colt Three Fifty Seven replaces 4" Three Fifty Seven!

    Colt Revolvers
    Well, you take opportunities when you find them. Just traded in a VERY Accurate 4" 1961 Colt .357 (cop gun - 80% finish) for a first year six inch. (Would have kept both if I had the money!). My "new" six inch Colt Three Fifty Seven is Serial No. 344x, a first year gun with the "Dual Tone"...
  2. Yeah!!! "New To Me" Today

    Colt Revolvers
    Introducing my First Colt Revolver that is New To Me Today. 1977 Colt Trooper III, 357 Mag I have a Colt Government Model 1911, and a few, LOL S&W Wheel Guns but, this is my first Colt Wheel Gun,