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  1. Behold The Stealth Anaconda.

    Colt Revolvers
    Ok my gunsmith worked at colt as one of their lead designers and before he left Colt let him make a custom Anaconda for him and his father. They are 2 made he had it painted with the paint they use on stealth bomber. If the story sound far fetched trust me I know. But I’ve held the gun and shot...
  2. Anacoda: unusual roll mark?

    Colt Revolvers
    Posted this in another OP’s Anaconda thread without any response, so instead of hijacking his thread I wanted to start my own. I have noticed some Anacondas were rollmaked -Double Action Revolver- on the right side of the barrel and some (to a lesser degree) were marked - .44 MAGNUM CARTRIDGE-...
  3. Crane Screw Sizes

    Howdy, Its been years since I posted, sorry about that. I had a quick question. I know post war colts mostly use the same crane spring and detent, but do they all use the same size crane lock screw? I want to replace mine on an anaconda, with an I frame one. Back in my newbie days, I did not...