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  1. Colt Branded/LaserMax Bolt on Colt Mustang Series Laser Sight - Recommended for Carry

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Just bought one of the Colt Branded Frame Mounted Laser sights for the Colt Mustang, Government Model .380 and Mustang Plus II from Colt. Goes on tight and slick, easily adjusted to the sights - looks like a VERY GOOD Option for any of you that carry one of these pistols. Red Laser, clamps...
  2. FS - Colt Mustang MK IV Series 80 .380 in SS

    Want to Sell
    I decided to sell my little .380. I would say condition is at least 90 - 95%. I will post pics soon. The pistol is perfect except for a couple very small pock marks on top of barrel. It was kept in original box on a boat so that is where the pock marks came from. No rust anywhere else inside or...