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  1. Python
    Ok, so I have wanted a Python for a while. I just love the look and feel of a revolver and I wanted the best. I owned a S&W 686 Competitor and just could not get to group like I expected (shooter error most likely). So, I went to Dallas on my day off in search of a Python. Yet, I soon found...
  2. Python
    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum and was wanting some info on my 6" python. Can anyone tell me what year this python is from (SN - K76609 or KT6609). Sorry, can't find my bifocals at this time. (Hell, I am only 43 and that sucks) ? From what I know it is the High Polished Mirror finish shine...
  3. Python
    Well what can I say this is my first Colt Python and I just wanted to take a video of it to see what yall think. I dont know the value of it but I do know it is the most beautiful revolver I have ever held in my hand. 1983 Colt Python 6" - YouTube
1-3 of 3 Results