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  1. Python
    Not looking at buying a colt python stainless
  2. Python
    Colt Fam, I admit it. I love Electroless Nickel Pythons. As a revolver finish, E-Nickel stands out to me for being attractive, understated and fairly durable. We all sometimes chase shiny things (looking at you, BSTS) but there is something subtle and even dignified about the E-Nickel finish...
  3. Python
    Just a quick show and tell post… Haven’t posted much of late, figured it was worth sharing. Old school 62 Python that’s been in the collection for years, hope you all enjoy!! She’s still in amazing condition.:)
  4. Python
    Ok, so I have wanted a Python for a while. I just love the look and feel of a revolver and I wanted the best. I owned a S&W 686 Competitor and just could not get to group like I expected (shooter error most likely). So, I went to Dallas on my day off in search of a Python. Yet, I soon found...
  5. Python
    Have an opportunity to buy another 3rd Gen Royal Blue Python 6” but the price seems a bit steep to me. Is $3,000 the going rate for these now without boxes? I already own one that I bought last December and I’ll admit I feel like I over paid at $2,700. Thanks!
  6. Python
    Title says it all. For those who have been fortunate enough to own or physically hold a unique Colt Python, what was it and what was its story?
  7. Python
    Hello All, Greetings from South Africa! I understand that around 600,000 Colt Pythons were produced, however can anyone tell me how many of those were the 2.5 inch version? best rgds
  8. Colt-Smithing
    Here is a Colt Python that has 2 bullets lodged in the barrel. The first bullet lodged in the end. Apparently not realizing it, the owner shot a second bullet which stuck behind the first one and severely bulged the barrel. Here at Custom Shop, we will replace the barrel and completed refinish...
  9. Colt Revolvers
    Here is a video of a Bright Stainless, 2-1/2" Colt Python that we just refinished here at Custom Shop, Inc. Check out the polish that we got on this baby! Crazy Gorgeous wouldn't you say? That's what we do here at Custom Shop! This video received over 50,000 views on Instagram in just a couple...
  10. Colt-Smithing
    Watch our gunsmith, Louie (aka - The Gunfather), re-assemble this Colt Python revolver step-by-step. When we received this gun from the owner, it was severely hand-etched all over. It kind of resembled a dragon; hence the name "Dragon Gun". Here at Custom Shop, we restored the Dragon Gun...
1-10 of 38 Results