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  1. Damaged Revolvers from Recent California Fire Storms

    Custom Shop Inc.
    We've been getting quite a few firearms in that were damaged by the Fire Storms that raged through Northern California a few months ago. Here are some from a single household (2 Colt Pythons, 1 Colt Diamondback, and a couple of Smith & Wesson's) that we are starting to work on now. Soon, we...
  2. 2 Bullets Lodged in Colt Python Revolver!!!

    Here is a Colt Python that has 2 bullets lodged in the barrel. The first bullet lodged in the end. Apparently not realizing it, the owner shot a second bullet which stuck behind the first one and severely bulged the barrel. Here at Custom Shop, we will replace the barrel and completed refinish...
  3. Colt Python Assembly Step-By-Step ("DRAGON GUN")

    Custom Shop Inc.
    Watch our gunsmith, Louie (aka - The Gunfather), re-assemble this Colt Python revolver step-by-step. When we received this gun from the owner, it was severely hand-etched all over. It kind of resembled a dragon; hence the name "Dragon Gun". Here at Custom Shop, we restored the Dragon Gun to...
  4. BEFORE & AFTER Colt Trooper Restoration

    Custom Shop Inc.
    As a Colt recommended Service & Restoration Center, we removed the hand etching on the frame, cylinder turn lines, pits, etc., on this Colt Trooper, and added a new set of Colt factory presentation grips. And as we always do here at Custom Shop, Inc., we returned the revolver to its 100%...