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  1. Strange Nickel SSA SN 32959 - any help?

    Single Action Army
    Hello — I’m new to the forum. I received a pair of guns from my wife’s Grandfather that he got as a settlement of debt sometime in the 1930/40s. That’s all I know about the history. One is a Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine and one is a nickel plated Colt Single Action Army — or purports...
  2. Searching for info about my colt saa

    Single Action Army
    I have a colt saa chambered in 45 colt. It is custom engraved full coverage not just partial like I have seen on most engraved saa pistols. The engraving is not typical scroll work, it is oak leaves and acorns. There are no markings on the gun as far as a hint to the engraver. The grips are...
  3. Colt SAA Queston

    Single Action Army
    Im new here and looking to gain some knowledge. I work in a gun shop and had a customer bring in a Single Action Army today to find out more about it. The story I got was he acquired it back in the 70s but has no history on it prior to that. I have never seen one in this condition in person...
  4. Colt letter?

    Single Action Army
    On closer inspection of my new acquisition, I see that the screws beside the trigger guard and the screws on both sides of the hammer have been turned. Side screws are unharmed. I'm guessing someone messed with the trigger because it is a really light and smooth trigger on this baby. This is...
  5. LOST in Ohio

    New Members Introduction
    Hi my name is Brian and I was born a Colt lover as my only real possession of my father was a 62 buntline in 22 w/a 9" bbl. My father died in a crash in 1973 I was 3mo. Old. this is the first time I have ever posted any thing on any forum. I do like to read posts though. The title Lost in Ohio...