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colt saa cavalry

  1. Nettleton Colt. Does it look original? (Worth the $$$ to send to Kopec?)

    Single Action Army
    Hello, I inherited a SAA from my pop. He purchased at auction several years back. I've seen a letter from the Colt Archive (I don't have in my possession.) that indicates the serial# corresponds to a shipment of a 100 odd guns to US. What do you (anyone) think? The finish looks strange to me...
  2. Hi, just stumbled upon doing resurch on a 1st gen SSA I just inherited

    New Members Introduction
    Hi, just found this site lookin for info on the 1884 SAA 1119xxx 7 1/2 cav we found in the rafters of my late grandfathers house gun was my grandfathers father in laws a civle war vet we are still trying to find out why he had it. we also found a mint condition Springfield 45-70 gov trapdoor...