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  1. Is this Normal grip frame wear on a 2014 Gen 3 with under 300 rounds?

    Single Action Army
    I was wondering if this normal grip frame wear on a Gen 3 (2014) with under 300 rounds? Or is there a problem with the finish? Thanks for your comments on this!
  2. Hello From the Cowboy State

    New Members Introduction
    Hello Everyone, I am new to the Colt collectors world. I purchased my first SAA last month and now I am all in to learn as much as I can. The gun I purchased serial number is 14088. It looks like the gun may have been reworked by the factory as it is chambered in 44-40. Any help on finding more...
  3. WTT Colt SAA for M1 Garand

    Want to Sell
    I have a very nice 3rd Gen Colt SAA in .45 that I am thinking about trading for a nice WWII M1 Garand that does not look like in was run over by a tank. Please let me know if anyone has one. Prefer a SA. Please list breakdown of parts. My SAA was made in 1995. I am the second owner. I don't...
  4. Colt stamp mark help

    Single Action Army
    I bought a colt SAA, I believe it’s from 1878. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a faked or real Artillery model. I do know the Artillery model isn’t really a model but will call it that because it’s best now by that in most books I’ve read. Ok so to continue on. I have been through a study of...
  5. 1st Gen before... during...

    Single Action Army
    Am restoring a 1902 SAA .32-20 to original specs. See attached before picks and now pre blue and case harden... Bought as disassembled parts... cheap current stage will charcoal blue...
  6. Colt SAA WWII factory rebarrel

    Single Action Army
    Some years ago I bought a Colt SAA manufactured in 1913. I was told by the seller that it had been factory rebarreled during WWII (as well as nickel-plated, engraved, and tuned, and carried throughout the Pacific theater). He further said that war-time rebarrel jobs were easily identified by...
  7. SOLD: 1978 Colt SAA .44 SPL. 3rd Gen. 7 1/2. Mint. VIDEO

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    Sold Sold...
  8. Colt SAA Bridgeport device, holster and belt F/S - Sold thank you

    Want to Sell
    This is a Bridgeport device used to carry a Colt Single Action on a belt without a holster; The Bridgeport Rig was patented in 1882 by Louis S. Flatau, sheriff of Camp County, Texas. Flatau envisioned mounting the item on a belt or a saddle. A modified hammer screw with a large head that...
  9. SPF: SAA 1st Gen

    Want to Sell
    Colt SAA 1st Gen all original with colt letter, 45 LC. Numbers match everything in good condition. 4 3/4 barrel, slight pitting on left but not bad. Serial number 207xxx manufactured in 1901. Action is crisp, everything is tight, bore is good. $2700 Feel free to pm me offers
  10. WTB: Colt SAA & New Frontier

    Want to Buy
    Looking for Original Factory Colt SAA / New Frontier Generation - Late Gen 3 - Gen 1 - Early Gen 2 Caliber - 44 Special - 45 LC - 44-40 - 357 - Will consider others Length - Any, but prefer Longer Length Barrels Finish - Any, but must be Original Serial Numbers - All need to match Let me...
  11. GONE - Colt SAA .38 Special

    Want to Sell
    GONE This Colt Single Action Army revolver in .38 special has a 5 ½” blued barrel with a color-case hardened frame and (aftermarket) one piece, presentation grade ivory grips. The revolver has a shiny bore and chambers, gently aged case colors and bright polished bluing on the barrel and...
  12. Draconian Canadian laws pertaining to Antique firearms It could happen here!

    The Lounge
    I was over on the S&W forum and this came up in a thread. I have dealt with some Canadians in the past and researched the law regarding Antiques. You need to see it to believe it. Regulations Prescribing Antique Firearms For the people that think some of the gun control proposals are OK...
  13. Colt SAA 1882 Input Welcome

    Colt Revolvers
    Here is my Colt SA, From the serial number I gather that it was made in 1882. However the thing that is bugging me is there is no US mark on it like all the other year models I have seen images of. A ny ideas? The caliber is 45 marked on the trigger guard al serials numbers match except the...
  14. Colt SAA 1st generation early revolvers

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi everyone i have just acquired four SAA 1st Generations with the earliest being the first or second year of production and the latest being 1905. The oldest one is not in functioning form hammer and trigger work but the cylinder will not advance. The other 3 are full functioning,two blued and...
  15. $1200 for SAA 2nd Generation .38 Special (1959) ?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi all, I'm more of a 1911 enthusiast (still learning), but am developing an interest in SAA's. My local shop has 2nd Gen. SAA with 7.5 inch barrel for sale in .38 Special. SN dates it to 1959. Everything looks original, including the black plastic prancing pony grips. It has some high point...
  16. Genuine ivory colt saa grips

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  17. Serial Numbers Question

    Colt Revolvers
    I was wondering, hypothetically of course, if you were to inherit a gun that was over 100 years old and the serial number and many of the identifying numbers were apparently filed off, what would you do with it? Does it need to be registered? Can it be owned for historical purposes without a...
  18. Colt Factory Engraved Single Action Army .45 with Etched Mother of Pearl Grips

    Want to Sell
    FOr Sale: Beautifully Engraved (D+ Engraving) by Colt master engraver Steve Kamyk. The revolver also had etched Mother of Pearl grips and a Colt glass top display case which is also included. The revolver is obviously never been fired. Asking Price $7000.00 or Best offer. PLease Contact for...