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  1. Wts- 1949-1950 colt 4 1/2" woodsman

    Want to Sell
    *** for sale *** im am trying to sale a colt woodsman. It has the 6" barrel and the site is adjustable. Ser #16xxx-s. I only have one factory clip, no paper work or box had a few offers just want it to go to a collector or someone that will treat this gun right. Im not to sure what the value on...
  2. 1955 Colt Challenger Serial Number 7543 - C 99%+ $595.00 CHEAP

    Want to Sell
    1955 Colt Challenger Serial Number 75473 - C 99% This vintage Colt has been well cared for and has been part of a large Colt Woodsman Series Collection for many years and has rarely been shot by the owner (My Dad). The pistol is in perfect working order. Certified Check or...