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  1. Colt Combat Commander 70 Series 38 Super- ME SPF

    Want to Sell
    ​I've fired this one a few times, it's a joy to shoot. She's not perfect, I think it's been carried more than it's been shot. No rust or pitting. One Colt magazine. I have a blue Colt box that I'll use for shipping. $1000 shipped and insured.
  2. colt combat commander 9mm enhancements?

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hello guys! I am new to this forum, so first off I want to say hi! I'm 23 years young and I live in Vegas. Thank you to all on this great site I have learned a lot, and I hope I didn't post this thread in the wrong area. If so I apologize OK, so here is my question. I recently just purchased...
  3. Combat Commander Question

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hello everyone, this site was recommended to help answer my question... I recently received this Colt Combat Commander .45 from my grandfather; After I looked around for info (including this site), I couldn't find one with a similar color scheme. Is this two seperate commanders mixed and...
  4. New Colt Addict needs Help...

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    ...deciding what to buy next. I got my first Colt, a Combat Elite XSE in December. That seems like so long ago. I only love it more each time I shoot it. I'm ready for another 1911 pistol and it's going to be another Colt. I have a few options: Used Combat Commander - 899.00, holster...