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  1. No Colt Pony? - Colt Defense O1080RGCCU Govt 5" 8-SHOT Black w/PICATINNY Rail

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hello Everyone, Last year I purchased this pistol. I really love it, but have only had the chance to shoot a few times. The 1911 has no Colt Pony rolled into the slide. I had noticed this when I bought it, but thought I'd ask on the forums about why this gun has no pony. The SKU was...
  2. Commander 9mm first time range report

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Got the 9mm commander a few weeks ago and I finally found time to take her to the range the other day. She shot beautifully. My buddy who only owns an XD said it had less recoil than his 9mm. I would have to agree shes a flat shooter with no recoil and dead on target. I usually shoot my p226 in...
  3. Colt Combat Delta 10 from the Custom Shop (1 of 400) - $1250 +s/i (picture)

    Want to Sell
    Rare piece - Excellent Condition COLT COMBAT DELTA 10 (picture not representative). There were 400 of these (Delta variants) produced by the Colt custom shop. COLT Model #02010CD, 2 stainless MAGS, TWO TONE (Blue slide/Stainless frame), 3 DOT SIGHTS, 5" BBL. Generic Doskocil case. $1250 + s/i...
  4. 1975 Combat Commander 1911 Question

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hi everyone, I just joined the forum and I have a couple questions about my Combat Commander. I looked up the SN and it said it was manuf. in 1975. First off I gave $500 for it. I think that was a really good deal considering it looks to be all original with little wear (the picture doesn't do...
  5. Combat Commander-Loading Problem

    :confused: I broke down my Combat Commander a while back and just recently put it back together again. Now when I go to load a round the shells are getting stuck mid load. The shells are getting stuck halfway up the ramp and the slide does not close. What should I look for? :confused: