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  1. pocket positive 32 police ctg, serial # 100800

    Colt Revolvers
    inherited from my dad. what year was it made, and should i use 32 s & w or 32 s & w long.
  2. Colt Official Police 38 special ctg

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    I am looking for some clarification about my Colt Official Police .38 Special ctg . indicates that my Colt was made in 1961. No Problem. But the Gun Codes and Markings section gave me this for the ctg: ctg WW-II German ordnance code assigned to Karlshutte Waldenburg, Altwasser...
  3. WTD: Barrel for 32 Police Positive 1st Generation

    Want to Sell
    Hello, I am seeking a blue barrel for a 32 caliber Colt Police Positive CTG that is the first generation (last patent date of 1905) and will pay $150 for one in very good condition. Please email me at: [email protected] Thanks! Bill