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  1. Building because of a barrel

    The Lounge
    I have always wanted a Super .38 1911 but never came across one I liked. Then a couple years ago I cam across a deal for a Sig made barrel for one CHEAP! I figured that I had a extra 1911 frame handy, plenty of spare parts and so my only other real expense would be a slide so I jumped on it but...
  2. Ivory Recommendations

    The Lounge
    I would be grateful for any recommendations for a source of custom ivory stocks to fit to a Korth revolver.
  3. Vent rib barrel King Cobra custom shop on gun broker

    Colt Revolvers
    I have been surfing gun broker and just came across a ventilated ribbed barrel King Cobra enhanced elite custom shop in bright stainless. This is nearly the only snake gun I do not own. I found a 6 inch satin finish vented ribbed barrel about 2 years ago but the bidding was out of control. It...
  4. My First Colt

    Photos Area
    Just picked up my first Colt yesterday, and am already tinkering with it... I know many folks would (and have) recommended getting to know the stock LE6920 before changing or modifying anything, but I just can't resist... Right out of the box... Here is the Houge grip that was installed...
  5. 1908 grips made of engraved metal.

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Can anyone help identify these grips? I came across them and know that they fit the 1903/08, but cannot find any info on them. They appear to be aluminum with the pattern hand engraved on the them.