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  1. Mystery Grips: Colt M13 Aircrewman Look-a-Likes

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    Thought I'd ask you fine gentlemen this question, because I honestly can't find much at all online. Below is a picture of a pair of grips I recently purchased (yesterday actually, and they are still on their way in the mail.) I honestly probably overpaid, but I wanted to grab them while I had...
  2. detective special 1974 looking for original grips

    Colt Revolvers
    i have a 1974 ds given to me by a relative that now has aftermarket grips on it. Does anyone know where to get original wood grips? I bought some on ebay and they turned out to be plastic remakes. thanks!
  3. Old Colt ads for D frames with mirror image detectives

    Colt Revolvers
    Do you recall (or, better yet, have a .jpg of) an ad that Colt ran for a long time in police journals in the late fifties and early sixties? I now realize that the campaign was in response to the inroads on snubby sales to S&W's Chief's Special as it emphasized the "advantage" of six rounds...