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  1. Expert Colt Gunsmith in the Los Angeles Area (LA,OC,IE)

    Colt Revolvers
    Any recommendations of Colt certified gunsmith in the greater Los Angeles area (LA,OC,IE)? Especially for old Detective Special revolvers? Thanks!
  2. 1938 Colt Detective Special

    Colt Revolvers
    I am a new member here and I am seeking knowledge on a firearm in my possession. My father passed onto me a 1938 Colt Detective Special. I understand that it is a wonderful gun. Unfortunately, it is not my type of weapon. I prefer long range above everything and it is well known that the snubby...
  3. Help in Florida

    Colt Long Guns
    I am looking from a gun dealer or expert in Florida who can help me appraise and sell a damascus 1883 hammerless in excellent condition. I also have a 38 detective special 1926 that also would like to sell. Anyone in Florida that could help would be much appreciated. I want to give these...
  4. Detective Special items, Box, Manual, Holster and Display box

    Want to Buy
    So I just acquired a new unfired 1975 Detective Special and would like to have supporting items. - Box, obviously these are scarce and can be quite expensive. If you by chance you have a box that is sitting around and you would like it to go to a good home for a reasonable price, let me know...
  5. Fitz Detective Special SN 422305

    Colt Revolvers
    Is anyone aware of any history of this "Fitz" Detective Special with serial 422305? It sold on Wickliff for $3,450 only a few months ago, which is way too low for a Fitz, and now it's on sale again. No mention of Colt letter anywhere. It has a VP stamp under the serial number, but the stamp...
  6. My Early Model Colt Detective Special Cracked along the barrel!

    Hey Guys! First post and I am looking for some advice. I am not extremely knowledgeable about colt firearms, however, I do own an early Detective Special that I really love. It's not a beauty queen and the cylinder and the frame have non matching serial numbers, all the same, I really like...
  7. Detective Special Fifth Issue Matt Blue

    Colt Revolvers
    I have a Fifth Issue Detective Special SN Prefex AE, dates to 1993, in Matt Blue finish. Research says Colt made a production run of the DS in 1993 using left over parts from the 1980's Commando Specials. The Commando 1980's Specials were Matt Blue/Bead finish. The DS I have is Matt Blue, marked...
  8. You're not going to believe this: the barrel's unscrewing itself (Colt DS).

    Colt Revolvers
    I was wondering why it was consistently shooting left no matter what I did despite it having shot dead-on when I first got it...I thought it was me initially (trigger control or grip or something)... You can really see it here: The barrel is twisting to the right (I'm guessing due to the...
  9. Poll: What's your preferred method for concealed-carrying a snubbie? What's best?

    The Lounge
    I just want to know what people think is the best way to carry a snubbie like a Detective Special or a snubbie of similar size. I have a DS I'd like to carry (I'm in Texas, it has to be concealed), I recently got a holster for it that just didn't work for me (it's a Bianchi 100 Professional): I...
  10. SF-VI bobbed hammer

    Colt Revolvers
    Ok, thanks in advance for your help. I have an SF-VI 2" in matt SS finish, with a bobbed hammer. I've seen these on GB sell, but they have a standard hammer. Is the bobbed hammer rare? What do these sell for. I will be selling it since I never shot the gun after buying it back in the late 90's...
  11. 1975 Colt Detective Special 2" 6-Shot Revolver Pachmayr Grips Bluing Works Great!!!

    Want to Sell
    1975 Colt Detective Special 2" 6-Shot Revolver Pachmayr Grips Bluing Works Great!!! Up for sale is a great carry COLT Detective Special in .38 special +p 6-Shot Revolver with a 2" barrel blued. This baby is really nice. The bluing all over the gun is in excellent shape except for right by the...
  12. Found! Box of.38 NP ammunition.

    The Lounge
    Today my good friend came home from an auction with what appears to be a full box (50 rounds) of Winchester brand .38 New Police ammunition. The cardboard box is in good condition and the ammunition looks as good as the day it was made, without corrosion or tarnish. The cases are marked WRA .38...
  13. Colt 32 pp detective special

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello all! I am new to this forum, as well as being a first time Colt owner. I guess I'm looking for answers as to what exactly I have. I typed in my serial # into the Colt database, and it came back as a 1975 Colt 32 Police Positive Special and Detective Special. I don't know much about Colts...
  14. detective special 1974 looking for original grips

    Colt Revolvers
    i have a 1974 ds given to me by a relative that now has aftermarket grips on it. Does anyone know where to get original wood grips? I bought some on ebay and they turned out to be plastic remakes. thanks!
  15. Hi from NM

    New Members Introduction
    Good morning! I am a lady shooter who recently acquired a Detective Special NP, .32c 2" revolver as my cc. What a fun piece to have and shoot!! The one problem I am having is finding a fitted holster (OWB) that rides lower than a man would use. If any of you have suggestions as to where I...
  16. New-to-me '56 Detective Special ... Need help

    Colt Revolvers
    I'm new to this forum, but it seems the most appropriate place to ask a few questions about my new purchase of a 1956 Detective Special (see photos). I picked this up from one of those gun auction sites for a deal (so I think). I believe it was $350. I've shot about 50 rounds through it and...
  17. Colt DS Royal Blue

    Colt Revolvers
    Maybe I should have MY DS refinished and then jack up the asking price as a "second one of a kind". Colt does do some pretty work. COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL ROYAL BLUE 38 1 of a KIND! : Revolvers at
  18. Detective Special Third Gen grips

    Want to Sell
    These are used third gen grips out of a parts kit same seen some use but in good shape, they do have a minor scratch on the bottom of them asking 45 bucks shipped. Pm or email me at [email protected] for pics..................... SPF to MacAttack
  19. Colt Detective unique Serial number

    Colt Revolvers
    I just purchased a Colt Detective with the serial number AD33xx. Any idea of the year of manufacture? Thanks for any help. Chip
  20. Old Colt ads for D frames with mirror image detectives

    Colt Revolvers
    Do you recall (or, better yet, have a .jpg of) an ad that Colt ran for a long time in police journals in the late fifties and early sixties? I now realize that the campaign was in response to the inroads on snubby sales to S&W's Chief's Special as it emphasized the "advantage" of six rounds...