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  1. How do you guys feel about post factory Fitz'd guns?

    The Lounge
    Title pretty much says it. Just curious how you guys feel about non-factory Fitz style modified guns. Do you have one in your collection? Or think it's a novelty not really worth owning?
  2. Detective Special Light Primer Strikes

    I have a 1968 Colt Detective Special suffering from light primer strikes. After some research, I determined it might be the mainspring having been weakened, so I bought a new old stock spring and had a gunsmith swap it out for the old mainspring in the gun. After I went to pick it up, they told...
  3. Colts For Sale - 1948 Detective Special .38 Colt New Police, 1975 MK III Trooper .357

    Want to Sell
    Up for sale are two very nice Colt's. Listed beloware the photos and descriptions of each. Methods of payment will be a 'Friend to Friend'PayPal transaction (w/no fees), Money Order or Certified Check. Thanksfor looking! Colt 1948 Detective Special .38 Colt New Police w/Original...
  4. SF-VI Value LNIB

    Colt Revolvers
    I would like to know the value of a SF-VI LNIB with all the papers, hard blue case and cardboard sleeve. It's matt SS and a bobbed hammer. I was told less than 30 rounds through it, and it has no line on the cylinder like some that have been shot after a few hundred rounds. How rare are these...