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  1. New Members Introduction
    I'm a specialty firearms dealer down in Cave Creek, Arizona. I have access to a couple of significantly heavy Colt collections here in the area that I am looking to liquidate. I don't want to violate any community rules so unless I am asked, I won't share what is currently in my inventory or...
  2. Colt Revolvers
    Well, my friends, this has been a long time coming. The pre-war Detective Special is my favourite Colt model, and I've always loved the engraved examples I've seen, but I could never afford an original. So some time back, I set out on this passion project to create my own, striving to be as...
  3. Colt-Smithing
    Can anyone tell me the tap & die sizes for an early Colt Detective or where they may be purchased? Thank you, Merry Christmas.
  4. Colt Revolvers
    I saw this one pop up and was excited. Seller states the finish is original, but I checked with Tyler at Colt Archives to verify this, and he informed me that it shipped out with blue finish originally. I know to some of you pros it's obvious, but I just wanted to let you guys know in case...
  5. The Lounge
    Title pretty much says it. Just curious how you guys feel about non-factory Fitz style modified guns. Do you have one in your collection? Or think it's a novelty not really worth owning?
  6. Colt-Smithing
    I have a 1968 Colt Detective Special suffering from light primer strikes. After some research, I determined it might be the mainspring having been weakened, so I bought a new old stock spring and had a gunsmith swap it out for the old mainspring in the gun. After I went to pick it up, they told...
  7. Colt Revolvers
    I would like to know the value of a SF-VI LNIB with all the papers, hard blue case and cardboard sleeve. It's matt SS and a bobbed hammer. I was told less than 30 rounds through it, and it has no line on the cylinder like some that have been shot after a few hundred rounds. How rare are these...
1-7 of 8 Results