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  1. Colt Python 22

    I found a Colt catalog from 1981 and while looking through it I found something I almost forgot about. In 1981 Colt announced the Python was available in 22 LR and 22 Mag calibers. It was also the year of the Python Target 38 Special Cartridge (I remembered that because I have one). I have to...
  2. Damaged Revolvers from Recent California Fire Storms

    Custom Shop Inc.
    We've been getting quite a few firearms in that were damaged by the Fire Storms that raged through Northern California a few months ago. Here are some from a single household (2 Colt Pythons, 1 Colt Diamondback, and a couple of Smith & Wesson's) that we are starting to work on now. Soon, we...
  3. Carolina Girl Colt Fan

    Photos Area
    I am a longtime fan of Colt firearms, especially their revolvers. For me they have always epitomized the true Old West. Having dreamed of owning one of these American treasures never seemed possible until a few years ago, when a good friend located a nice 4 inch Diamondback & I did not...
  4. FS 3 - Pythons & 2 - Diamondbacks

    Want to Sell
    I'm thinning the collection to make room for more NFA toys. 1-6" blue Python $2100.00 high grade shooter, gun only 1-4" blue Python $2000.00 good shooter grade, gun only 1-6" Stainless Python $3500.00 near perfect, with original grips & papers, hang tag I have original box but is taped, 1 flap...
  5. Diamondback Stocks- Question

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi everyone, I've got another question for the experts on here. I have a 1968 Diamondback currently wearing newer stocks (the straight line style). I believe the correct stocks are the "smiley" style with silver medallions, and I have an opportunity to get some. One seller is offering a set for...
  6. WTT Diamondback Stocks

    Want to Sell
    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 1968 diamondback in very good condition except that the grips are from a later make (I think they are gen 3 grips). I would be fine with keeping them as they are in good condition, but I wanted to see if anyone would be open to trading. I would be looking for...
  7. Diamondback python trade- pipe dream?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everyone, thank you for the feedback and advice you gave on my recent posts about the 1968 diamondback. I am very happy to have it in and definitely look forward to shooting it. Of course, I know the python is often considered the king of revolvers, and while I would love to add one to my...
  8. Diamondback Came In

    Colt Revolvers
    Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about the 4" .38 Diamondback! I appreciated hearing your opinions on the seller's photos. I am very happy to finally have the gun in hand and wanted to post my own photos and hear what you think:) It is indeed a early (1968) diamondback, and...
  9. Took a Chance on a Diamondback

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everyone, this will be my first post on the forums, and thank you in advance for your knowledge and advice! I have always appreciated Colt's quality and craftsmanship, and have wanted to get one of their snake guns for quite a while now. I am not a collector, but despite the high prices...
  10. WTS Colt revolver scope mount, original Colt, Colt Logo, Python, Anaconda Diamondback

    Want to Sell
    FOR Sale: Original Colt scope mount. Marked with Colt Logo. $50.00 including shipping. Any questions contact Mike @ 219-926-9793 or [email protected]
  11. WTB Loose Blued 2.5 inch Diamondback .22 bbl

    Want to Buy
    Would love to have at least one if not a couple 2 1/2 inch DB .22 bbls to complete my collection. VG to EXC. NOS would be best.
  12. WTB/Searching for Diamondback .22lr Blued 2 1/2 inch bbl only

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello. I am in search of one or two loose 2 1/2 bbls for a pair of Diamondbacks I have. Need/s to be in very good to excellent shape. Prefer NOS. Find plenty of 4 and 6 inchers but have yet to come across any loose 2 1/2. Any help running some down would be great.
  13. Colt Diamondback in 41 magnum

    Colt Revolvers
    First of all, I am only posting this to add my experience to the record for what I now know from reading in forums like this, that this is a somewhat volatile subject...and this forum seems to be the place to post this somewhat improbable story... I was puzzled to read that Diamondbacks and...
  14. A couple of snakes for sale

    Want to Sell
    I am located in North East Georgia. I would prefer not to ship any of these guns. I know that will limit my sell range, but I do not like to ship pricy guns. I have: 1) A 6" anaconda magna ported gun. This gun is stainless steel and not the bright stainless. It comes with a box and...
  15. High velocity 22LR in a Diamondback

    Colt Revolvers
    Any problem using this ammo in a circa 1970 Diamondback.The only 22 ammo I can find at the local Dicks is CCI mini mag or stinger.I have used this in my stainless S&W Model 63 and had difficulty with cartridge ejection.I know this type of 22 ammo wasn't available back in the day so I just want...
  16. New to Colts and have a DiamondBack question

    Colt Revolvers
    I have an opportunity to aquire a 1978 (the owner volunteered this) blued 6" DB for about $950 here in California. I noted it had rubber grips and a blue two latch plastic box that looks like it was made for it. From the photos I've seen the finish looks good and the owner said he was the second...
  17. Colt DiamondBack 38 spl. Question, Help

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello all! I am new to this forum and I was hoping to get a question answered. I will make this a short story, but the bottom line is that A guy wants to trade me his Diamondback to me. I would need to get about 750.00 out of the gun, to equal the cash I need for my item. I am not great...
  18. New guy - Ohio

    New Members Introduction
    I'm new to the forum, but have some really bad habits: Pythons Diamondback .22's Trooper .22 WMR's King Cobra's And I'm good with the King Cobra variations from the early models through the Enhanced, on through the EDT's. The most recent puzzle I saw was an Anaconda with gold 150th...
  19. 1969 Colt Diamondback 2.5in .22lr blue w/box

    Want to Sell
    this post was removed this morning not sure why. I had a crazy price as a joke so Ill be more realistic I would like $3800obo I can post any pics I may not have up here by request. This gun is in very good shape with box and paperwork. Ill keep looking for any other components to this pistol...
  20. Holsters for Colt Diamondback 2.5", Detective Special 2"

    Want to Buy
    Right hand, what have you? Prefer well used holster in good shape at a reasonable price