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  1. First Post - First Python - Generation Confusion (Serial, Underlug and Grip)

    This is my new Colt Python...I recently acquired my full firearms license and the permission to purchase (I currently live in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Australia), and managed to seriously luck out by finding this safe queen up for sale (literally the only Python for sale in my...
  2. Colt .41 Revolver... Looking for info

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everyone second time posting... I think I might have posted in the wrong thread. I bought this gun at a pawn shop. I thought it was really cool so I bought it. The gun seems to be working, it cocks back and dry fires (I didn't dry fire it the lady behind the counter did ). On top of the...
  3. PLEASE REMOVE WTS - 1926 Colt Army Special Model .38 Caliber Double Action Revolver.

    Want to Sell
    1926 Colt Army Special Model .38 Caliber Double Action Revolver. These were manufactured 1908 – 1927 with last patent date of July 4, 1905. Serial number is 533480 and is stamped on the frame and inside the crane. Has the 2-line address on top of the 4 inch barrel. Shipped in blue with...
  4. Info wanted on my Colt Police Positive! (Be gentle; I'm new)

    Colt Revolvers
    It's a Colt Police Positive chambered in 38 Colt (38 S&W) with a 6" barrel Serial number: 47XX I was told by a vendor (that didn't make me an offer) that because it's stamped "Police Positive" on the barrel and "Colt's New Police" on the side plate, it was more rare and a "transitional gun"...