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  1. How do you guys feel about post factory Fitz'd guns?

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    Title pretty much says it. Just curious how you guys feel about non-factory Fitz style modified guns. Do you have one in your collection? Or think it's a novelty not really worth owning?
  2. Fitzgerald Special update.....It's his! (I think)

    Colt Revolvers
    A few months ago I posted a few pictures of a gun I inherited from my grandfather...a Fitzgerald Special. I got some amazing replies, including one from the owner of showing a picture of JH Fitzgerald holding what looks like the actual gun! I sent out to Colt for some authenticity...
  3. Fitz Detective Special SN 422305

    Colt Revolvers
    Is anyone aware of any history of this "Fitz" Detective Special with serial 422305? It sold on Wickliff for $3,450 only a few months ago, which is way too low for a Fitz, and now it's on sale again. No mention of Colt letter anywhere. It has a VP stamp under the serial number, but the stamp...
  4. Possible 1917 Fitz Special

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    I have a nice 1917,originally military, that has been factory modified, with features like most Fitz specials (except for short barrel). Is there anyone out there specializing in these that might be able to comment, or someone who is collecting info. Features that make me think it is a Fitz are...