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  1. second year made Model 1903 with the rubber grips SN: 13,000's Good shape -found!

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hi Friends, My grandma just found one of her deceased husbands guns when cleaning out his man cave. Looks to be a .32 auto 1903 Model , SN in the lower 13,000's and obviously not used in many decades (he died in 45 years ago). It has black grips BROWNING's Patent plus other etching. Some wear...
  2. Snubbed 1921 Police Positive Special 32-20

    Want to Sell
    Friend of mine was in need of some cash, so I picked this up from him a few weeks ago. Wheelguns have never really been my thing, and after taking it to the range, I'm just as convinced that fact remains true. Quick rundown - per Colt serial lookup, this was originally a 1921 Police Positive...
  3. New from upstate New York

    New Members Introduction
    Hello from upstate New York, I've got good news! I finally found the missing key to my gun safe. Locked it up tight from my two little boys, and put the key in a safe spot. Couldn't find it for 10 years! Now the boys are 16 and 20. 16 year old has wanted to look in that thing forever, today...
  4. Colt saa* custom shop tuned** 7-1/2 inch barrel w/letter mfg 1927 .45 colt

    Single Action Army
  5. GONE - Colt SAA .38 Special

    Want to Sell
    GONE This Colt Single Action Army revolver in .38 special has a 5 ½” blued barrel with a color-case hardened frame and (aftermarket) one piece, presentation grade ivory grips. The revolver has a shiny bore and chambers, gently aged case colors and bright polished bluing on the barrel and...
  6. Good price to sell a gun for

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    my dad is thinking about selling his delta elite gold cup national match 10mm what would be a good price to ask. never been fired
  7. sold - Older(?) Stainless Colt Swiss watch

    Want to Sell
    Hi, I have an older Colt watch I'd like to sell, not sure of it's value. This was given to be by an old friend around 1995, it's been sitting in a box in my dresser drawer since. The protective plastic is still on the back of the watch. It was never worn, but needs a new battery. The back has...
  8. WTB: Colt Python 6" SS

    Want to Sell
    Hi there, I'm looking for a stainless steel Colt Python with a 6" barrel. Please PM me and I will respond promptly. Tachyon