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  1. Single Action Army
    Not extremely well versed in the Frontier Scouts, but do love to shoot them. Came across this for sale and would ask the Forum on their thoughts on the finish. Was this style of finish on the gun originally available from Colt? Not duotone with the blue frame and the cylinder/barrel in the...
  2. New Members Introduction
    I have here 2 Colt Frontier Scouts from 1962' both are the same 22LR and unfired and unturned I was told. The serial numbers are 8477P & 8478P. I recently purchased these from a neighbor. I have learned of Don Wilkersons book stating that there was approximately 100 of these sent out before the...
  3. Colt Revolvers
    I was just left a " Colt Single Action Frontier Scout " in 22CAL and according to Colt is was manufactured in 1965. The letter K after the serial number they denoted the finish. I was thinking about getting it refinihed. It will never be sold as this came from my dad. I am not even sure what...
1-3 of 3 Results