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  1. Grip/Stock 'Ghost' Line On The Side Of Revolver?

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    Dear Gentlemen and Ladies present, I enjoy looking for Colt treasures on the various internet gun auction websites. Rarely do I buy... sometimes I do... but I watch the market... so to speak. I see... on occasion... what I think to be... on the revolvers of my choice... a faint, ghost like...
  2. New to me Colt SF-VI

    Colt Revolvers
    New to me Colt SF-VI! need to find a good IWB holster for small of the back carry......any suggestions? Also would like to find replacement grips. These have some damage on the back mating surfaces and they do not sit up against the frame on the top side...kind of flared out a bit more than...
  3. VZ Grips Gator Back red-black linen grips for 1911 (VA)

    Want to Sell
    VZ Grips Gator Back red-black linen grips for 1911. Flat bottom. Only rode the gun for 50 rounds. $50 shipped. Dealer price is $65 plus $8 USPS shipping.
  4. Colt New Frontier 44-40 Round Grip

    Colt Revolvers
    We've had this Colt New Frontier 44-40 now for 4 generations. I've never seen another New Frontier with a Round Stock. I wonder how many were made? This one has 35/500 stamped into the Heel. Is that #35 of 500?
  5. (All SPF) WTS - Bullseye Target Grips for Colt E/I Frame.

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    Pair #1 (Unknown manufacturer) $40 plus shipping (SPF) ---------- Pair #2 (Unknown manufacturer) $30 plus shipping (SPF)