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  1. Mystery Grips: Colt M13 Aircrewman Look-a-Likes

    The Lounge
    Thought I'd ask you fine gentlemen this question, because I honestly can't find much at all online. Below is a picture of a pair of grips I recently purchased (yesterday actually, and they are still on their way in the mail.) I honestly probably overpaid, but I wanted to grab them while I had...
  2. Ivory Grips: Elephant vs Mammoth vs Walrus

    The Lounge
    I'm just making a quick post hoping anyone with experience could give me some input. It's sort of hard finding this information through google. Basically, I know there are hundreds of alternatives, but I've got my heart set on getting my 1936 detective special a pair of classic style white...
  3. Grips: 1948 Colt Official Police?

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everone. I recently inherited a Colt Office Police from my father. It's got a six inch barrel and bright blue finish. Unfortunately, it's got replacement rubber Aimpoint grips. I'd like to replace these with the original Colt grips to get back to original condition. The serial number is...
  4. Pocket Nine Grips

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I am getting a Pocket Nine this week, but I am looking to purchase some wooden grips. Does anyone know where I can purchase some or have them made?
  5. Colt SAA Grips - Black HR - No Eagle

    Want to Buy
    Hi - About how much and where to find a decent set of used Black HR factory grips vs Old Ivory for a 1900 Colt SAA Blue Frontier Six Shooter. I am aware some members here have some which could work... I'm just trying to cover all my based on possible sources.. Thanks - Ed
  6. OLD hard rubber SAA grips for Sale

    Want to Sell
    Since it's been pointed out that I don't know exactly how old these are…..Ive changed my ad: Here's a pretty decent set of non-eagle SAA grips (including screw) for sale. Asking $200 & that'll include shipping to the CONUS. Thanks, Weldon
  7. For Sale Fuzzy Farrant Grips N-Frame Smith &Wesson

    Want to Sell
    SOLD For Sale Fuzzy Farrant Grips N-Frame Smith &Wesson SOLD SOLD months ago... One pair of double palm swell combat grips for a Smith N-Frame revolver by Fuzzy Farrant. Most certainly tiger-wood. These are pristine and very finely cross hatched (checkered). Includes original grip screw...
  8. Offficial Police Michigan State Prison

    Photos Area
    I just purchased a Colt Official Police .38 the butt is stamped "Michigan State Prison" and on the end of the butt is is stamped No. 16 I haven't see the grips on my gun on any other "official Police" model. mine are the prancing horse black checkered plastic grips. Anyone out there know if...
  9. Help with Colt Army Special 41

    Colt Revolvers
    I got this Colt Army Special 41 from my grandfather when he passed. It's blued with a 6" barrel. I need some help with the grips. It was his sidearm in WWII. I got a Colt Letter of Authenticity which states it was delivered to a general store in 1908 in St. Louis, MO. Unfortunately, the...
  10. WTB: wraparound combat stocks for DS 3rd issue

    Want to Buy
    I have a third issue Detective Special that has the wrong stocks on in. Does anyone have a pair of the combat stocks for sale? Please send pics and price, thanks!
  11. Ivory Recommendations

    The Lounge
    I would be grateful for any recommendations for a source of custom ivory stocks to fit to a Korth revolver.
  12. WTS Colt Python Series III Stocks Grips

    Want to Sell
    THESE HAVE SOLD, THANKS FOR THE INTEREST Evening All, I have a complete set of Python Series III stock with the screw and bushing included. Minor wear marks, no cracks or chips in walnut. Test fit on my 1974 and they fit perfectly with no shifting or major gaps. $275, shipping included, OBO...
  13. Received a mystery box, had a set of Colt Revolver Grips, NEED HELP

    Colt Revolvers
    Okay so last night a buddy that ins't into guns gave me his fathers old shooting range bag because he knew I would appreciate it more than he would. So in the bag there was some old ear muffs and plugs and a pachmayr box. I looked into the box that showed black grips and there was a set of...
  14. WTB / WTT - My '57 python needs set of 1st Generation (fully checkered) grips

    Hi, I have a set of nice Original Colt Gen 2 grips on my '57 python - used but very decent condition. I am hoping someone has a nice set of Original Colt Gen 1 grips and is either willing to sell and / or interested in trade / cash for my Gen 2 grips. PM me please if you have anything...
  15. ALL SOLD - Colt Python Grips

    Want to Sell
    I have 3 sets of grips for a Colt Python. The first set is a first generation Ajax Pearlite with silver medallions. Ajax no longer makes these grips for the Python. I bought these 10-12 years ago and they are still new in the package $85 plus shipping. The second set is a set of new in...
  16. Grip/Stock 'Ghost' Line On The Side Of Revolver?

    The Lounge
    Dear Gentlemen and Ladies present, I enjoy looking for Colt treasures on the various internet gun auction websites. Rarely do I buy... sometimes I do... but I watch the market... so to speak. I see... on occasion... what I think to be... on the revolvers of my choice... a faint, ghost like...
  17. Diamondback Stocks- Question

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi everyone, I've got another question for the experts on here. I have a 1968 Diamondback currently wearing newer stocks (the straight line style). I believe the correct stocks are the "smiley" style with silver medallions, and I have an opportunity to get some. One seller is offering a set for...
  18. WTT Diamondback Stocks

    Want to Sell
    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 1968 diamondback in very good condition except that the grips are from a later make (I think they are gen 3 grips). I would be fine with keeping them as they are in good condition, but I wanted to see if anyone would be open to trading. I would be looking for...
  19. Took a Chance on a Diamondback

    Colt Revolvers
    Hello everyone, this will be my first post on the forums, and thank you in advance for your knowledge and advice! I have always appreciated Colt's quality and craftsmanship, and have wanted to get one of their snake guns for quite a while now. I am not a collector, but despite the high prices...
  20. MOP Grips for 1911 Compact

    Want to Sell
    This is a beautiful set of real Mother of Pearl grips for a compact 1911. I don't have the pistol any more so I don't need them. They have a small chip on the bottom of the right grip on the inside. It doesn't show from the front. I think they must have been dropped to cause this little chip...