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  1. Photo Gallery of our Handgun Restorations

    Custom Shop Inc.
    Here is a link to the Completed Handguns Gallery on our website where we showcase many of the different revolver and pistol models and finishes we have restored here at Custom Shop, Inc. Completed Handguns Gallery - Custom Shop Also, here is a link to our Before & After Gallery where you...
  2. VIDEO - How To Re-Assemble a Python

    Watch our gunsmith, Louie (aka - The Gunfather), re-assemble this Colt Python revolver step-by-step. When we received this gun from the owner, it was severely hand-etched all over. It kind of resembled a dragon; hence the name "Dragon Gun". Here at Custom Shop, we restored the Dragon Gun...
  3. 1st Gen Colt SAA Broken Mainspring

    Sent my 1880 Six Shooter to Jim Martin and he suggested I post a photo of my broken mainspring (possibly the original) because it's not properly ground. Any DIY mainspring DIYers out there are urged to fair the sides and surface properly so as to prevent the ridges that create weak points (I...
  4. Making SAA's usable for fanning/fast draw

    Single Action Army
    Disclaimer: If you like your Colts stock, don't look any further :P I like SAA's both stock and tuned. Coming back to a post about Bob Munden's guns I did a while ago, I was still left with some questions, so I decided to make another thread. I know the SAA isn't designed for fanning and fast...
  5. Trigger pin on the Pocket Positive

    Colt Revolvers
    Hi, I have a Pocket Positive from 1920 and sadly I broke the pin that sits on the frame and pivots the trigger. Since I live in a gun-unfriendly country and good gunsmiths are hard to find here, is there any way I could replace that pin at home? And does the trigger pin from the Police Positive...