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  1. Bisley Hammer.

    Want to Sell
    Hi, a guy I know, who sold me my SAA, has a new Bisley hammer for sale. It might be a 1st gen. No info on price. PM me for his email. Gil.
  2. Hello from Ohio, Proud Owner of Trooper MKIII, & I HAVE LOTS OF COLT GUN PARTS

    New Members Introduction
    I'm Steve, and I'm new to this forum. I am a proud owner of a blued 4" Trooper MKIII that my dad left for me before he passed years ago. I have owned several other Colts in the past, and love them. I love learning about Colt guns, but wouldn't consider myself an enthusiast necessarily, but a...
  3. How to identify 1911 hammer type 2 vs type 3

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    Hi Folks, I have a 1917 pistol in the 170K serial range. According to what I have read, it should have a type 3 hammer on it. Can you help me identify if this is a type 3 or type 2 hammer I have, and if not a type 3, what are the identification traits that I have to look for to find a type...
  4. Python doesn't always fire in double action

    I have a python that fires perfectly in single action but when using double action it often doesn't fire. When this happens I can see that the primer mark is off center. While doing some simple timing tests I noticed: I use my finger to prevent the cylinder from free wheeling and pull the...
  5. WTB: Colt Python Hammer

    Want to Buy
    Hello: I was wondering if anyone has a factory correct hammer for a 1969 4" Python. It doesn't matter the finish - I'm sending this Python into Colt for a refinish (it has a broken hammer and is pretty ugly As-Is) Please send photos/correspondence to my personal email (as I check that often)...
  6. Looking for a source for

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    a GENUINE Colt 1911, Type 3 hammer. Can anyone point me to a source for one? I wanted to post in the WTB section, but I have a low post count, and can't post there, yet. But I have a very good condition 1911, S/N 214XXX, that has the wrong hammer, and I would like to make it right, as long as it...
  7. We just got our second Colt in 2 weeks!! This one was a surprise...

    Colt Revolvers
    I just joined here 2 weeks ago when I was offered a Python by a friend of a friend who needed some quick cash. I'm very happy with the Python and have been loading some 38 Spc and 357 Mag loads to shoot at the range this weekend. So this morning my wife is expecting her father to stop by and...
  8. Hammer for pre-1896 SAA

    I know a fellow who's got a blackpowder frame single-action army that seems to be in good mechanical condition (timing, etc.) but does not engage half-cock. Does anyone out there have a line on replacement parts that are true to this production period? I know that Colt often made minor...