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  1. 4 SALE: Colt Semi-Automatic/Woodsman Collection

    Want to Sell
    This is the last of the Colt Woodsman Collection: #30. COLT Challenger 1955 75473-C Near 100% - $595.00 This vintage Colt has been well cared for and rarely fired. The pistol is in perfect working order, accurately graded with nice bore...
  2. Colt huntsman part needed

    Colt Semiauto Pistols
    I have a Colt Huntsman that needs a magazine catch assembly. This is the version that the catch is at the heel of the grip and the spring is riveted to a metal clip. serial number 166xxx-C places its manufacture around 1965. It not shown on the Numrich website and I have tried Wiseners, who...