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  1. 4" Colt Lawman 357 w/ 2" Barrel Replacement = 2" Snubby w/ Square Butt not Round?

    Colt Revolvers
    4" Colt Lawman 357 w/ 2" Barrel Replacement = 2" Snubby w/ Square Butt not Round? back story: I recently bought a blued lawman snubby (pictured) and was disappointed to find the target stocks I had bought separately didn't quite fit due to the 2" lawman having a rounded butt. I'm buying another...
  2. .357 Colt Lawman Marklll

    Colt Revolvers
    So I've had this revolver for some time now, almost 10 years. I have put maybe 3 rounds through it in that time. Now I'm getting around to using it I think its a little big for me. So I've been looking around for a smaller frame, maybe even caliber. However I do like it, so I wanted to finds...
  3. My Growing Collection of Colts, Need Some Help!!

    Colt Revolvers
    I have been very fortunate (at least in my opinion) lately, as I have encountered several beautiful examples of Colt revolvers that have all been in my price range! I know many members prefer new in box, etc but my goal with the pieces of my Colt collection is to have excellent examples that you...
  4. Picked up a pair of short ponies!! (Python and Lawman)

    Colt Revolvers
    I haven't been in here for quite a while, since I bought my first Python last year. I was not really looking to buy another Python but my wife left me unsupervised again (her mistake) and this 2.5" Python came up for sale on a local gun board. I paid quite a bit for it, but since we are in...
  5. WTB COLT Lawman Mark III Round Butt Grips

    Want to Buy
    Anyone know how I may obtain a nice set of wood grips for my 2" MkIII? The Pachmayrs are not ideal.
  6. Sold Several Colt Pachmayr Grips

    Want to Sell
    I have several sets of Pachmayr grips that came on some guns that I bought. They all have the Colt medallion and all have been on guns. They have been sitting in a drawer and I am cleaning things out. Paypal is easiest either as a gift or with a 3% surcharge. I will ship USPS as soon as payment...
  7. FS: Colt Lawman MK III, Snub (1-7/8)

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